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Beauty & Relax

Nails Now! is the nail salon for you if you are near Addison or Dallas TX! Our manicures and pedicures are so relaxing. At NailsNow, we also provide eye lash extension patented by Daniel Phu and we also provide hair care. Come to Nails Now or Nail Now for your pedicure, manicure, nails, nail salon, nail salons', waxing, wax, 'eyelash extensions', eyelash, eyebrow, massage,  services



Eyelashes naturally grow in layers and it may be hard to find/separate the lashes to affix lash extensions.


We use a multi-layer technique by Daniel Phu ( that is sought after by celebrities and beauty devotees, we customize your lash design by affixing lash extensions that vary in length, texture, color, and degree of curvature.


Lash by lash, Daniel's patented technique mimics Mother Nature and painlessly extends your lashes to lengths previously thought impossible - no mascara or eyelash curler necessary.


FULL SET                    Starting from $150

RE-FILL                       Starting from $50